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Livernois Motorsports Sets Jeep Trackhawk Record with 9.96 ET

Livernois Supercharged Trackhawks

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Livernois Motorsports set a new quarter-mile ET record for the Jeep(r) Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: 9.962 seconds at 137.99 mph at Milan Dragway on Friday, April 20.

It’s the quickest known time to date for the supercharged, all-wheel-drive Jeep SUV and was achieved with a custom tuning package based on Livernois Motorsports’ Trackhawk performance systems.

“The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is an incredibly capable vehicle and Livernois Motorsports’ Trackhawk tuning packages take an already stunning performer to the next level,” said Tom Millen, general manager, Livernois Motorsports. “More than tuning on the dyno, we test our combinations at the track to ensure they deliver real-world performance gains that our customers can depend on.”

The Trackhawk that recorded the record-setting quarter-mile blast featured a Livernois’ performance package specifically created for Trackhawks, which adds both horsepower and torque to the supercharged engine. Less-than-ideal track conditions at the time of the run indicate the package offers even greater potential under more ideal conditions. A 60-foot time of only 1.625 seconds during the run, for example, wasn’t its best, suggesting there are even quicker ETs to be had with more testing. The eighth-mile time on the record run was 6.428 seconds.

Livernois’ offers three Trackhawk packages designed to improve all-around performance with enhanced throttle response and greater power. Each features PCM unlocking service and dyno-proven air and fuel adjustments, along with an EvenFlo Thermostat, Innovators West harmonic balancer upgrade with an overdrive crankshaft pulley, Innovators West crankshaft pinning system and a new serpentine belt. Installation and custom dyno tuning is performed at Livernois Motorsports’ facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and comes with a one-year warranty.

The three package levels include:

S900 ($3,749): +135 hp / +135 lb-ft – In addition to the content and services mentioned above, the S900 package includes Injector Dynamics ID1050X upgraded fuel injectors.

S975 ($4,449): +200 hp / +175 lb-ft – The S975 package adds the Livernois Powerstorm Supercharger Pulley to help increase boost, as well as Injector Dynamics ID1050X upgraded fuel injectors, increasing horsepower to more than 900.

S1025 ($5,649): +250 hp / +205 lb-ft – A Flex Fuel upgrade to E85 capability complements the Livernois Powerstorm Supercharger Pulley and Injector Dynamics ID1300X upgraded fuel injectors to push the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk’s output to nearly 1,000 horsepower.

“We offer even more than what’s detailed in these packages and what you might see on our website,” said Millen, general manager for Livernois Motorsports. “We are always experimenting with new combinations to help our customers go faster – and as our record-setting Trackhawk run demonstrated, we’re proving those combinations every day.”

Installation appointments can be made by calling (313) 561-5500.

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