Mercedes-Benz CLA Review

The CLA Class Mercedes-Benz ushers in a new concept for Mercedes; a low-priced car. Starting at $30,000, people can now purchase a Mercedes-Benz for the price of a normal sedan. But what do you get for your money and is an entry-level Mercedes worth it?

There are basically two versions of the CLA available, the CLA 250 and the CLA45 AMG. The first car is the one most people are going to buy, whereas the second one is a much more expensive hot-road with a ridiculously turbocharged engine and fantastic performance.

The base CLA is a base car, and there aren’t many features on board. If you want heated seats, they’re extra. If you want HID headlights, they’re extra. If you want satellite navigation or Bluetooth connectivity, it’s extra. Most of the CLAs sitting on dealership lots won’t be the entry-level version, but will be models with some options.

But that’s okay, because even with a few option boxes checked you can still get a Mercedes-Benz for a reasonable price.

Driving the front-wheel drive CLA 250 is like driving any other car. It feels small, and is relatively easy to see out of and park. Rear-seat space is pretty limited, but they’ll work with children or co-workers on short trips. The truck is also good for a vehicle of this size.

There are a ton of options available for the CLA, including a light-up Mercedes-Benz logo on the front hood at note. Do us a favor and don’t get that. But, things we do like include the leather seating, the adaptive cruise control, and some of the other safety features.

Also, we really do like the CLA45 AMG. Making 355 horsepower from a 4-cylinder engine is a bit crazy, but that power is sent to the ground through an all-wheel drive system. That all-wheel drive system accelerates you to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. The exhaust also makes a delightful burping noise whenever it shifts up to the next gear in sport mode.

While an absolutely base CLA 250 isn’t really the best place to be, once you tack on a few livable options the car becomes much more appealing. For those who don’t want a big car, or want to get into a Mercedes without spending big money, the CLA Class Mercedes might just be the right vehicle for them.

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