Mercedes-Benz GLE Review

The GLE Class Mercedes is an all new vehicle for the company. Called a sports activity coupe, the GLE takes all the cool stuff of a car, lifts it up, and puts a new badge on it. So why would you get one?

Soft roaders and CUVs are really all the rage these days. In the luxury segment, BMW has been designing vehicles the past couple of years to fill every possible hole in the automotive space, even if the hole wasn’t there to begin with. One of those vehicles was a CUV designed to look like a performance coupe.

Not letting BMW have all the fun, Mercedes-Benz designed and brought to market the GLE. As you’d expect, everything is top-notch Mercedes-Benz inside the vehicle, and can be equipped with luxurious leather seating, real wood trim pieces, and more.

Additionally, you can opt for all of Merc’s safety and convenience features, including the latest version of the COMMAND infotainment system, blind spot monitoring, accident mitigation, radar cruise, and more.

For those who are a bit of a speed demon, there is even an AMG version of the GLE. With a turbocharged V8, huge brakes, and a clever performance-oriented all-wheel drive system, the GLE can do things on a race track that you wouldn’t even believe were possible from a vehicle that sits so tall and weighs so much.

The AMG will be the most fun to drive, but it’ll also be the least-purchased one. Most people just want to buy a nice luxury vehicle to get them and their families where they need to go, but want the safety and security of driving a Mercedes-Benz. For those individuals who also want to do that with a sense of style, they should check out the Mercedes-Benz GLE Class.

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