Mercedes-Benz GLK Review

Small crossover SUVs are all the rage these days, and Mercedes-Benz knows how successful they can be, since they’ve offered the ML for quite some time. The GLK is a bit smaller than the ML, but has all the ingredients of making a proper Mercedes SUV. But is it one you should consider?

The GLK comes in a variety of trim levels, depending on how much power you want and whether or not you want 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Of course you want all-wheel drive, especially if you live in a part of the country where it sees snow or really cold temperatures. Also option for the all-wheel drive will improve the overall resale value of the vehicle down the road.

The GLK Class is designed to appeal to those how want a high-riding SUV, but don’t want one that’s as big or as difficult to park. The GLK carries a boxy look, similar to the much larger G Class, but does have a few aerodynamic edges. The G Class it basically a box on wheels.

Though it might seem like it has serious off-road intentions, the GLK really shines on normal roads, where it’s going to spend the most of its life, anyway.

The base GLK is like a normal base Mercedes, meaning you don’t get much in the way of options, but most dealerships are going to sell and stock versions that have many of the features you’ll want.

Those features may include Mercedes’ safety equipment, including adaptive cruise control, automatic lane keep assistance, blind spot monitoring, and more.

You may also want yours with the COMMAND system that includes satellite navigation and Bluetooth for your phone. Even if you skip the navigation, you’ll want Bluetooth connectivity for sure, so you can steam music from your phone and use your phone’s mapping software more easily.

The GLK is the right option for someone who wants a rugged-looking Mercedes without sacrificing everyday driving comfort. Give one a drive to find out for yourself!

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