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Which Midsize Pickup Truck Should You Buy?

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

2017_toyota_tacoma_trd_pro_02_14529597da5692f51d4a0be67caa3eab90fc9bb9 Midsize Tacoma TRD Pro

Off-Road King: Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

If you go off the beaten path on a regular basis, you’ll want a Toyota Tacoma. If you live off-road, you’ll want the TRD Pro Tacoma.

The Fox Racing shocks absorb all the abuse of off-road driving. The CRAWL control helps you get out of the muck. The extra ground clearance keeps you from getting hung up.

The truck isn’t geared for fuel economy. It’s not geared for family hauling. It’s for the off-road enthusiast who likes to have fun.

Of course it’ll do the typical family duties well. It’s not what it’s designed for.

If you’re looking for the truck that’s the most fun, you’re going to want the TRD Pro Toyota Tacoma. Until we drive the ZR2 Colorado, at least.

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