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New Ford GT video review roundup

Ford GT

Today at midnight, the embargo was lifted for the 2017 Ford GT supercar, and immediately the internet was flooded with review videos and hot takes about the latest iteration of the Ferrari-at-LeMans-killer. Here are three videos that we’d consider “must watch” to get the full-on Ford GT experience.

Carfection with Tim Stevens

Tim ice races Subarus in the winter. That’s relevant to this review because we like getting takes from people who have racing experience. They’re less likely to be all “gee whiz” about a car and give it a fair shake.

DRIVETRIBE with Jethro Bovingdon

Jehtro’s reviews are always ace, but you really should watch for the excellent cinematography.

Autocar with Matt Prior

Autocar is one of the premiere car magazines in the U.K., and often goes into technical detail that a normal reviewer might not.

This should be enough Ford GT action to occupy your lunch break or some downtime this weekend, but if you want even more Ford GT action YouTube is full of the gorgeous new supercar from Dearborn.

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Written by Chad Kirchner

In addition to Chad Kirchner's work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.

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