Could the New Mustang Shelby GT500 Make 755 Horsepower?


If you read our previous post about the horsepower rating of the 2018 Mustang GT, you’ll see how we came to the conclusion that the car would make 455 horsepower. It seems like a logical number to us, especially considering that’s the power rating of the Camaro — a key competitor. But what about the new Shelby GT500. We haven’t heard much about that car, but what kind of power should we expect.

Let us reference you back to the Road & Track article that talked about the Mustang’s 455 horsepower, and you’ll see something interesting. They reached out to the Ford spokesperson who Tweeted the original image and told us all to be on the lookout for Easter Eggs. They asked him about the 455 horsepower thing.

He apparently replied with the image below;


If the 455 horsepower speculation is true, then it’s very possible that this image is showing a Mustang that’ll make 755 horsepower. What possible car could be in the pipeline making that much grunt? The Shelby GT500, of course!

The new GT500 will surely have more horsepower than the Dodge Hellcat line. While they aren’t really that similar of vehicles, there is a certain amount of bragging rights in having the most horsepower. Ford would love to have those bragging rights back. We’re sure of that.

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But, if the new Shelby GT500 makes 755 horsepower, we also think the new Challenger Demon will make 757. We could have an epic horsepower battle on our hands.

Keep in mind this is all entirely speculation based on very limited information. It’s just as likely that Ford is pulling our collective chains for their amusement. If that’s the case, then oh well, it was fun speculating. But if it’s true, those are some pretty impressive numbers.

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