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Next-Generation Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Development Vehicle

Next-Generation Autonomous Ford Fusion at International CES

While Tesla gets all the news regarding autonomous vehicle hardware — and rightfully so in many cases — other manufacturers are getting in on the excitement. Ford has, for several years now, had an autonomous Ford Fusion. For this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Ford is introducing a new version of the car and a new version of the system.

Since the Fusion saw a refresh for the new year, it makes sense that the Fusion autonomous vehicle project would take advantage of the new styling. Nobody wants their flagship demo vehicle to look old. In addition to the upgrade of the car itself, or the autonomous vehicle platform, the car also gets an upgraded version of the virtual driver system.

To the naked eye the main difference is the sensor pucks for the LiDAR system are smaller. The car looks more like a regular Fusion that you might see driving down the road. And if you live in Michigan, you might actually see that happen some point in the near future!

Ford’s plans ultimately have a SAE Level 4-capable autonomous vehicle mass-produced by 2021. That’s not really that far away.

If you want to see this new Fusion and you’re at CES, it’ll be at their booth. Also, if you hit up the North American International Auto Show in Detroit you can peep it there.

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