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Nissan 370Zki set to debut in Chicago

Nissan 370Zki teaser

The Chicago Auto Show, while not the biggest show on the circuit, usually brings out some interesting concepts. Many of those concepts come from the folks at Nissan. A few years back they showed off some crossovers with snow tracks on them. This year it looks like they’re doing that, but with a completely different kind of car.


Pronounced “370 Ski”, the 370Zki is obviously going to be the iconic Z car with a set of snow tracks on it. We think that’s pretty obvious what is going on here. What we don’t know is how they made all the engineering work, and whether or not it’s a 370Zki coupe or roadster.

We’re hoping it’s the roadster, because blasting through a couple of feet of snow in an unstoppable roadster with the top down is quite possibly the coolest idea ever devised. We like when automakers are a little bit crazy, and this is a crazy idea.

Sadly, the press release says the vehicle won’t ever be for sale. Here’s hoping we’ll still get a chance to drive it, though!

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