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How Does Nissan Drive the Rogue X-Wing? #NissanCAS

Nissan Rogue X-Wing Concept

If you’re hanging around this year’s Chicago Auto Show, you’ll likely notice a Rogue concept at the Nissan display. It’s designed to look like an X-Wing from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You’ll also notice it has some pretty large wheels and blasters that’d make it difficult to drive. How is it exactly do they move it around?

If you’ve ever put larger wheels on your car, you might have run into an issue of the wheels rubbing against the fenders when you turn them. In some cases it’s more extreme than others. In the case of this Nissan Rogue, the wheels are not only larger but they’re significantly wider. Turning the wheels is next to impossible.

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That’s where air suspension comes in. There is a complete air ride kit installed that can raise and lower the ride height when they want to drive the car onto a cargo hauler or around the auto show. It lifts the Rogue high enough into the air that the wheels can turn freely.

Now, if you wander around to the doors you’ll see one of the blasters from the X-Wing part of the Rogue is blowing the door from opening. They don’t climb through the window NASCAR-style, however. There is a locking screw attached to the blaster that holds it in place. Remove that screw and the blaster slides right out, allowing access to the door.

Concept cars are cool, but you always have to remember that they have to be able to be easily moved around as they travel the country from event to event and show to show. In the case of the Rogue X-Wing, they had to get a bit creative. Be sure to check it out underneath the Death Star at the Nissan display during the public days of the 2017 Chicago Auto Show!

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Written by Chad Kirchner

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