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Nissan Hints at Cortana Integration at CES


Nissan’s press conference at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show is on Wednesday in Las Vegas. What would they be talking about at a consumer, mobility-focused show? They might have just teased us all with a tweet earlier today.

The writing on the wall here is that Nissan will be implementing Microsoft’s Cortana in some way in their vehicles.

It wouldn’t be that surprising for Nissan to adopt technology like Microsoft’s Cortana in their vehicles. The virtual assistant is capable of performing many functions, and new Nissans have the data connections required to make talking to the cloud possible. Cortana also learns and gets better without having to push updates out to devices. This means that once the device is installed in the vehicle, changes Microsoft makes would be immediately reflected.

This also would be a much bigger step of mobile integration than from other manufacturers. Android Auto and Apple Car Play both require the phone to be in the car and plugged into the car’s infotainment system. While there’s no telling, at this point, what Nissan plans do with this integration, it’s possible it’d already be built right into the vehicle.

Microsoft’s systems have been used in cars before, even if Cortana specifically hasn’t. Microsoft’s Car platform was the basis of Ford’s SYNC system for a long time.

We eagerly await Nissan’s reveal in Las Vegas later this week to see how Cortana is integrated with the newest vehicles. That is, of course, if that’s what they’re even implying with this tweet from earlier.

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Written by Chad Kirchner

Chad Kirchner is the Editor-in-Chief of Future Motoring, along with the main host and producer of the Future Motoring podcast. In addition to his work here, he's a freelance automotive journalist for outlets around the world.

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