Nissan Sentra Review

The Sentra is Nissan’s small car offering that competes with the likes of the Ford Focus and Honda Civic. But does this little car from Nissan have what it takes to compete with the powerhouses of the segment?

The Sentra comes in a variety of trim levels, and the higher trim levels come with a continuously-variable transmission to help with fuel economy. If you opt for the higher-spec cars, and you should, you can expect to see 39 mpg on the highway. Those are pretty good numbers out of this segment

Also, the higher trim levels include a push button start and keyless entry, along with NissanConnect for navigation, mobile app support, and Bluetooth connectivity. All of these things a young buyer would definitely be interested in.

In order to get that great fuel economy, the Sentra isn’t a particularly powerful car. But the 130hp on tap is enough to get up to highway speed safely and to overtake if necessary. It’s not a screamer, but the power is consistent with many of the cars in this class.

If you’ll notice I’ve stayed away from talking about the entry-level models. There’s nothing wrong with them, and they drive the same as the higher-end models, but the addition of the CVT and improved fuel economy make up for many of the differences in price. Plus, you get added comfort items that make the day-to-day much more bearable.

Another reason to consider the Sentra, at any price, is that you get great Nissan reliability and build quality and a price that is less than the competition from Toyota, Honda, or Hyundai. If you’re looking for reliable transportation with a bit of style, and a dose of tech, the Sentra might be just right for you.

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