Nissan’s Frontier outsells GMC’s Canyon last month

2017 Nissan Frontier

There are some products out there in the automotive marketplace that haven’t been updated in awhile. Many people like to poke fun at the Dodge Charger because it’s running, ultimately, on a platform from an early-2000s Mercedes-Benz. Nissan also gets grief for their Frontier pickup truck. Yet, this past month, Nissan sold more Frontiers than GMC sold of the relatively new Canyon.

The Frontier last saw a significant redesign in 2005. Yes folks, 2005. Green Day’s American Idiot was playing at the top of the Billboard charts. To say that old truck is old would be an understatement.

The Frontier does something that doesn’t, at least on paper, make a lot of sense. It still sells well. Last month, Nissan sold 6,347 Frontiers. GMC only sold 2,368 Canyons for the same period. The Canyon was redesigned just a couple of years ago, and even has a really good Duramax diesel engine.

Nissan long made their money back on the tooling for the Frontier, and many consider the last remaining true small pickup truck that you can buy. Combine that with competitive pricing and rock solid reliability and you have the recipe for sales, regardless of the product’s age.

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