Nissan’s Midnight Edition Frontier isn’t the new Frontier, but does it matter?

Embargoed until Monday Aug 21 at 1158am CT – 1258 ET 958 PT- Frontier 3

The author of this post teased some folks at Nissan last week when they introduced the Midnight Edition lineup to the Frontier, Titan and Titan XD. You see, there was an embargo until the 2017 Solar Eclipse started, and we couldn’t talk about the product until then.

“Why is there an embargo on a 14 year old product?”

The Frontier hasn’t seen a significant refresh in over a decade. People in the automotive community are quick to point out that old truck is, indeed, old. The Midnight Edition adds some fun new stuff to the truck, but it’s by no means a refresh.

If you’re interested in the Midnight Edition Frontier, it adds some blacked out bits including the grille, a set of black wheels, black badging, and so on. Pricing is currently unknown, but it will be a deal over buying the components individually.

So where is the new Frontier? Does it even matter?

For July, the last month we have sales numbers at the time this article was published, Nissan sold 7,647 Frontiers. That’s up over 5% from the previous July. While down year-to-date from the previous year, Nissan still moved 45,460 Frontiers this year. That’s a lot of trucks that are older than some people reading this article.

For the month ending in July, GMC only sold 17,649 Canyons year-to-date. The Chevrolet Colorado year-to-date is at 61,507. Nissan is much closer to matching Colorado sales than they are Canyon sales.

People clearly like the Frontier. Nissan must love it too, considering that any cost in designing and building the truck was paid for years and years ago. While they aren’t making the truck for free, their cost is much lower than it’d be on a brand new product.

One could argue, and I will, that the Frontier is the last truly midsize pickup truck on sale in the United States. The current crop of midsized trucks are the size of fullsize trucks of not that long ago. People want midsized trucks for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is often to fit in a tight parking space or a garage.

Also the Frontier, especially in PRO-4X trim, is quite capable.

If anything, fans of the truck would like upgraded electronics and safety features but retain the size and capability of the current truck.

Hopefully when the new truck comes, and it is coming, they’re retain some of what makes the current truck great while bringing it square into the future. In the meantime, people are going to keep buying the current truck.

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