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Personal Reflections on 2016’s Cars and Events


Now that we’re in the last week of 2016, not much more can happen before the start of a new calendar year. Other than Carrie Fisher dying, of course. But 2016 was a year that deserves personal reflection. That’s what I’m here to do. The Detroit Auto Show back in …

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Porsche Missed the Point with the 911 R

Porsche 911 R

In a world of boring crossovers and everyday vehicles, Porsche stands as a shining beacon to enthusiasts. They build sports cars with manual transmissions for those of us who value those things. The 911 R was to be the epitome of that philosophy. Too bad they missed the point. The …

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What Drives My Automotive Passion?


When my dad purchased a few die-cast collectable muscle cars, I am quite positive the last thing that crossed his mind was the number of questions his three-year-old daughter would ask about them. She constantly wanted to play, tried so hard to remember the name “Camora” (Camaro), and asked every …

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