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Photo of the Day: 2007 Dodge “Chargum”


(Editor’s Note: Jenn Buzzatto is taking over the “Photo of the Day” segment here on Future Motoring. In the coming days we’ll have a way to submit to her photos for consideration in our daily segment. Welcome Jenn to the team!)

Amongst the large automotive community pie, my favorite slice is where the unique builds are lurking; the ones that really break your neck and make you wonder, “Who thought of that?” While, not all are a pretty sight to see, there’s some out there that really shine. I have had the pleasure of speaking with James Dante– owner of one of only a few “Chargums”. You may find you are asking yourself “What exactly is a ‘Chargum’?” It is a Magnum, 2007 SRT in this case, with a Charger front end. Some have LX body front ends, while others are mimicked after the second generations, like James’.

The TorRed Chargum shown above is a fine lady who goes by the name of Rose. It took a lot of research, as well as the very knowledgeable, kind friends James has made during his journey, to get Rose to where she is. Rose currently sits with a ’14 SRT Charger front bumper, ’14 Charger OEM projector headlights, TruFiber A23 hood, APR Splitter, and ’15 OEM hyper black SRT wheels.

In the future, James plans on upgrading the interior with 2014 Charger door panels and dash set-up, as well as a 6.4L engine.

All in all, I think this is an admirable representation of the car community—Creative ideas, genuine people, and badass rides.


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Written by Jennifer Buzzatto

Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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