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Photo of the Day: Arash’s Infiniti Q60

q60Photo Credit: Mason Kuehler

A progression through owning different Infinitis, his previous fully-built Q50 led Arash to his current build– a bagged Q60. As of now it sits on a custom air suspension (BC coil overs and UAS bags) with 3 piece FPF wheels. Though, in the picture shown, the Q60 is modeling the Blaque Diamond BD11 wheels.

In the future, he plans to wrap it in a red and gold theme, by either vinyl or Autoflex, being done by his own company, New Era Vista.

He has a few more plans he let me in on, but they are being kept a secret until he unveils the further-modded Q60.

Stunning, low, and fast. What a trifecta!

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Photo Credit: Mason Kuehler
Photo Credit: Mason Kuehler
Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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