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Photo of the Day: Blazin’ Trails


Owner, Julio “Mono” Gonzalez, has had this beast for 3 years now, and from the way he talks, I’d say he is still madly in love. Found by his mother on Ebay, the day he saw it he knew it was meant to be, and went the next day to pick it up. The saying still holds true… mother always knows best!

This TBSS is rockin’ some bolt ons, including 1-7/8″ headers, Corsa sport exhaust, electric fan conversions, and 4″ CAI. Additionally the vehicle has a slight (2/3″) drop.

Though mostly stock (ls2, trans, stall, and gears), it is still pretty powerful. This TBSS runs mid 8s in 1/8 mile.

It is such a good thing that Julio’s TBSS can provide him with smiles and a release while behind the wheel, as sadly to say, his car-hunting mother is battling the c-word. Below, I have included a link to donate and help Julio’s mother with the treatments she is receiving, because, as we all can imagine, it is a costly disease to battle.

Owner: Julio “Mono” Gonzalez


Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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