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Photo of the Day: Classic Alfa Romeo

54- Game Day
Photo Credit: John Hammer

Game time– what car does this grille belong to? And don’t just say an Alfa Romeo, smarty pants!

Let me give you a few minutes…

A couple more…

Okay, if you guessed the Giulia then I apologize but you are far off; so far off that I am wondering if you ever even looked at the original picture! This is undoubtedly the 6C. If you didn’t guess that, it is okay, I only know because of the #hashtags on the o.p.

After seeing this photo, I decided to read up on this vehicle and see what sort of cool history supports it. Originally designed as a two-man racing car named the P2 two years prior, in 1925 the company released the Alfa Romeo 6C 1500, a “new” racing car, that was an improvement from the first design of the P2. The vehicle was given a special “NR” emblem in honor of Nicola Romeo.

Then, years later (1939), the upgraded 6C 2500 was released and was such a success that it aided in recovery for the car brand and racing world after World War II.

After that, the 6C 3000 almost happened, but unfortunately the project was abandoned after three prototypes. Although the prototypes themselves didn’t make it to market, their three liter engine was put to good use in the racing world and powered some legends in the early 1950’s.

54- Game Day
Photo Credit: John Hammer

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Written by Jennifer Buzzatto

Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.


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