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Photo of the Day: Classic Mini


Unsure what year this Mini Cooper is, unsure where I originally even found it, but it keeps standing out in my album and I can’t pass it up any longer.

Although it has had a few name changes, the Mini is a fun brand. With production of this car starting in 1959, it took just 2 measly years for it to become the first British group to sell one million automobiles.

Today, people buy them (like any other vehicle) for all sorts of reasons. My favorite being, to weigh virtually nothing, zip around quickly, and have fun! According to the internet, you can find yourself an original Mini for around $1,000 USD… but after some browsing, I don’t quite believe that!


What do you think?

Written by Jennifer Buzzatto

Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.


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