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Photo of the Day: Five-Oh Mustang

MustangOwner/Photo Credit: Brandon Hendrix

Twenty-somethin’ years old, and still sharp! The “SN95” (1994-98) followed the beloved Fox Body, but brought the Mustang back to it’s Mustang roots, aesthetically.

Though the Fox Body is preferred by many, especially for the drag strip blood and the remarkable 5.0, the SN95 always caught my eye more. They began with the 5.0, and sadly after just two years Ford swapped in the 4.6, an upgraded axle spline, but and for some reason, pre-PI heads.

Ford may have been lacking in some aspects, but this era Mustang reigns as one of my favorites. It had a legacy to live up to in the ‘Stang world, and an LS1 engine to catch, but the SN95 can now be bought cheap, easily modified, and is more bang for you buck, all while still remaining eye-catching.

Owner/Photo Credit: Brandon Hendrix
Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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