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Photo of the Day: Keepin’ Clean with the Duster

A project car to the core, Casey Jenkins bought his Duster almost a decade ago. It has been a father-son project ever since, and they haven’t even added 500 miles to the odometer yet.

When purchased, the vehicle had a few problems but was still “road worthy.” Casey immediately began taking it apart, and searching for the parts needed to give it the makeover it rightfully deserved.

A new engine bay, some correct parts, full disk brake setup, and a fresh paint job were first on the list, since the main priority was to make it run once again. Next, his attention was directed to the rusty floorboards and trunk area. Casey and his father welded in a new trunk pan, tail light panel, and all other panels rear of the back window.

To wrap it up, he buffed up the interior with some white leather seats, and dyed all panels to match. Upgraded to 8.25 gears in the rear, and had other plans but those were put on hold when the 318 engine blew up. He replaced it with a 408 stroker, which he won a credit towards in a Facebook contest (oh, the life of social media!)

Now that it is up and running, Casey plans to begin driving it until the wheels fall off.

Owner: Casey Jenkins


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