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Photo of the Day: Mercedes 6×6

Photo Credit: Eddie Fuentes

Okay, the Veyron is cool but this AMG 6×6 slightly blows it out of the water. That thing belongs in the woods, in the desert, on the track… triples as a race-car-pre-running-rock-crawler, no? I’d think if people have some issues beating up a $40,000 Jeep, they may be slightly more cautious with this 6×6 (which will clear your pockets of almost one million dollars), so maybe the woods isn’t quite the place. I could see this in someone’s living room though. Ya know, the drive-in kind.

Nonetheless, very cool vehicles. They are prepping for “Car Week” out in Cali. Though, this team typically does something festive weekly it seems. Me? I’m only a little jealous, no big deal…

Photo Credit: Eddie Fuentes

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Written by Jennifer Buzzatto

Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.


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