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Photo of the Day: Mini Truckin’ in a Scion

Scion Mini Truck 1

Have a little extra cash? Some people take a little trip, treat themselves to a new wardrobe, may even just stash it away in a savings account. Then, some dig out those unique ideas they’ve had and turn them into reality.

Chris De Santi decided “Let’s make a mini truck!” and so it began.

This Scion-xB-turned-mini-truck is a low budget, high fun, and definitely a neck turning, unique project.

The xB has a bed section framed with all square tubing and plated it with sheet steel for the purpose of using as a “real truck” but not doing any damage. Chris also created a tailgate using squaretubing and pickup truck hinges and cables so others can sit on it like a “real tailgate.”

With a goal to keep it low cost, Chris is sitting at about $1300 and thats including the purchase of the car. To break it down, he spent $300 for the car, about $500 on tires, wheels, suspension and a few miscellaneous other things, close to $300 on steel to construct the bed along with all of the reinforcement sections, and lastly around $200 on paint and misc supplies for the bodywork.

Owner: Chris De Santi

Scion Mini Truck 1

Scion Mini Truck 2

Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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