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Photo of the Day: Moparpalooza 2k17


Last weekend, the annual Moparpalooza was held for the 10th year in a row. A successful day for a big event on the east coast, with proceeds going to an amazing charity benefiting families of injured military, The Fisher House Foundation. The event was held at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA. and hosted 250+ cars, with optional track experience (even the Wranglers partook in this…!), silent auctions, professional judging, and more.

Many clubs, such as Mopar360, Magnum Mafia, The Unaffiliates, and more, came together with hundreds of others to share the passion they bear for Mopar. From all over the east coast and beyond, they settled in for the day’s events. Rides ranged from lifted Wranglers, lowered 300s, SMS 570 Saleens, Grand Cherokees, Neons, and even a classic Barracuda with a modern day 5.7L HEMI; there were beautiful sights to see for days! Creativity, passion, and a sense of family consumed the raceway.

A big thank you to Paul Immo, Chad Sherman, and their entire team for putting on another successful event that benefits such an admirable charity.

To view more about the event:

To learn more about the charity:

Owner: Mr. Jackson
Photo credit: Tres Garcia

Owners: John Albert (left), Kevin Massetti (right)

Photo Credit: Tres Garcia

Jennifer Buzzatto
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