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Straight out of the UK, comes this sweet MK4 (VW Golf). With a plethora…
Photo Credit: Jamie Maskell

Photo of the Day: One Fast Golf

Straight out of the UK, comes this sweet MK4 (VW Golf). With a plethora of mods, the biggest was the heart transplant, which is precisely why current owner, Brendan Jones, purchased it. Its stock 3.2L engine was swapped out, and in went a 3.6L R36 Passat engine with a Precision 6776 turbocharger.

And so the story goes… When Brendan first saw his current turbocharged MK4 for sale, he sold the basic one he owned, flew to Dublin, met up with a stranger, while he had all the cash in his pocket, went to said stranger’s home, and (luckily) everything worked out perfectly. Sometimes we do silly things when we have foggy minds because we fell head over heels for a car, right?! At this point, it was time for Brendan’s 24 hour drive back to his home in England– what a long time to bond with his new car!

As happy as he was, just two weeks into ownership, he had a string of trouble. Months and months went by, and Brendan still couldn’t drive his Golf. After needing an engine replacement, rewiring, and some fuel issues, he was losing sight of his goal– making it to VW Days in France.

Crazy days, stressful times, and a pinch of luck, all worked in his favor, as to his surprise, he made it (last minute) to his show. From there on out, everything was smooth sailing!

Future plans include getting a boost controller fitted so he can up the boost, as it is only at about 5 psi at the moment, which equates to 380 bhp. He hopes to get it to 15 lbs. of boost/500 bhp, while holding the title as the only Mk4 R36 turbo in the world (to his knowledge, of course!)

Owner: Brendan Jones

Photo Credit: Jamie Maskell

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