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Photo of the Day: Puppy Lambos


This is the story of a dog, who went to the casino one rainy day, and bet all his bones on roulette. THEN, he “doubled or nothing-ed” and here he is today. Young, stylish, and driving a Lamborghini.

Now, you may ask yourself “How does a dog walk into a dealership to purchase a car? Let alone, a Lamborghini. Also, can dogs have drivers licenses?” All questions which we will cover in the remainder of the article.

I know it’s a-typical to see a pup drivin’ a car, but in California, the laws have gotten a bit loose. The dogs now have an in with the state and local governments. Those are details I can’t get into. Long story short, the was a big case and it made it to the supreme court. You may have heard of it, as it is famously known as Droolius Ceasar vs. Leonard McGrumps and the dogs came out victorious. They can now earn their license as long as they pass a written and practical exam, like the rest of us.

Now imagine the look the salesman had on his face when Droolius pulled up to the exotic dealership in a 1999 Cavalier (it was his first car, okay), and laid out all his winnings. He pointed his snout to the baby blue Lambo and said “ruff!” and he drove off in that bad boy. What a day to go down in history. You can find him in SoCal showing off his pride and joy and many car meets such as Cards and Coffee, the Fuel Runs, and more.

Photo credit: Eddie Fuentes

Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.