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Photo of the Day: The Thunder From Down Under

Evo Down Under

Out of Melbourne comes this Mitsubishi Evo X. If the color doesn’t make it stand out enough, I’m sure all of the modifications will. From the aesthetics to the performance, many things have changed on this once “basic” Evo.

Where to start… Corn fed, the Evo pumps out 400 horsepower with help from it’s GSC S1 cams, FIC 1100 injectors, DW300C fuel pump, GT Pumps 712 turbine, MAP short runner manifold, Turboxs dump pipe, ETS test pipe, HKS Hi Power catback, ETS intake, ETS Intercooler and full piping, and NGR Performance BOV (because everyone loves the tsss sound.)

On the outside, you’re lookin’ at some Chargespeed Widebody fenders, rear bumper, side skirts and mirrors along with Varis 09 front bumper, Voltex type 9 rear spoiler, Valdi sport carbon hood, and Eagle eyes headlights and tail lights.

Owner, Steven Killeen, truly thinks he has finished his build. Along with all that was previously mentioned, and a few interior additions, he claims his “path for modification is over.”

While this build is complete, he is hoping to get a GT-R (R35) and make it just as unique in the future.

Evo Down Under

Evo Down Under 2

Jennifer Buzzatto
Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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