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Photo of the Day: It Was a Wicked Type of Weekend


What’s better than 31 Jeeps? 32, duh. 

This past weekend, Wicked Jeeps of Western PA got together to do some muddin’, wheelin’, and trailin’. 

Sunday afternoon they met up and headin’ off to the perfect playground, better known as Isabella Dumps. They came here to get dirty, conquer fears, and push their Jeeps to the limit. Mostly Wranglers (JKs), but also a few TJs, YJs, and XJs, came out to face the dumps. From the people’s Jeeps (and bodies!) that got stuck, tricky trails that required you to stop and think, and tons of laughs, all good things blossomed from this outing.

People of all walks of life, coming together for Sunday Funday Jeep-festivities; nothing better. New goal? Get stuck.


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Written by Jennifer Buzzatto

Jennifer is a contributor to Future Motoring and also serves as the Photo of the Day Editor.

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