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Photo of the Day: Andrew Krok of Roadshow Proving All-Wheel Drive Isn’t Necessary

andrew-krok-roadshow-miataPhoto Credit: Andrew Krok

We’re starting a new segment here at Future Motoring, and we’re calling it — unimaginatively — Photo of the Day. We’ll scour the internets every day to bring you something unique, cool, or strange. For our inaugural photo share, we have Andrew Krok of Roadshow doing God’s work.

The first significant snowfall of the season is falling in the Detroit area, and Krok took the Roadshow Miata out to have fun. Did he wreck? No. Did he make it home alive? Yes.

All-wheel drive isn’t needed in winter unless you live in a part of the world where snow chains are required by law. Even there, it might not be necessary.

See ya tomorrow!

Chad Kirchner
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