Poll: Do You Want to See the Return of the Ford Ranger Splash?

Ranger Splash

Of all the variants of Ford Ranger you could buy in the United States, the Splash was one of the most interesting ones. While all Rangers are, these days, coveted by their owners, we know that the Ranger is coming back to the United States in 2019. What about the Splash?

The Splash was a ranger that had a step-side bed. That meant that while it looked cool with the wheel arches on the outside of the bed, you lost even more precious cargo space. The Splash also came in some interesting colors, including a purple if I remember correctly. There was also a colorful Splash graphic that ran along the side.

Recently we speculated about the new Ranger’s competition, and a friend asked the very poignant question;

Indeed, what about the Splash? Do you want to see this variant return when the new truck goes on sale? Take part in our poll below!

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