Poll: Which Truck Maker Would Make the Best Festivus Pole?


Festivus is nearly upon us, friends! While you’re out preparing your donations to The Human Fund and organizing your grievances, we have to ask about the Festivus pole. In Festivus lore, the pole was made of aluminum.

According to George’s father the aluminum has a “very high strength to weight ratio.” We all know that Ford’s F-150 and Super Duty trucks are made from aluminum for the body. Chevrolet has taken issue with that, campaigning that steel is better, especially for the bed. Even Honda got in on the game, claiming their composite material is the best.

If you were to task an automaker to make the ultimate Festivus pole for 2016, who would make it? Which engineering philosophy — aluminum, steel, or composite — would you pick? Let us know below!

Chad Kirchner
the authorChad Kirchner
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