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Race-Hardened Parts Need for Challenger Demon Dominance


The Challenger Hellcat is already one tough machine, but to make it even faster in a straight line, Dodge needed some upgrades. In their latest video, they talk about the race-hardened parts that are needed to make the Demon the dominating force at the local drag strip.

Since these videos are full of teasers, let’s settle the debate once and for all; this car will be rear-wheel drive. At the end, it shows the drivetrain components and there’s nothing running up to the front of the car. That’s because the car is rear-wheel drive.

All of the enhancements to the car will make it quicker, but heavy all-wheel drive isn’t employed to make that happen.

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Additionally, Dodge has upgraded many components to handle the repeat launches at the drag strip.

Compared with the Challenger Hellcat, critical driveline updates include:

  • Upgraded prop shaft increases torque capacity by 15 percent: Accomplished through the use of high-strength steel, a 20-percent increase in tube thickness and heat treated stub-shafts.
  • Upgraded differential housing, with 30 percent increased torque capacity: Accomplished through the use of heat-treated A383 aluminum alloy and a higher strength gear set material that has been shot-peened to increase durability and reduce residual stresses.
  • Upgraded 41-spline half shafts that deliver 20 percent increased torque capacity: Accomplished through the use of increased diameter high-strength low alloy steel and 8-ball joints that improve torque capacity while reducing operating temperatures by more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, Dodge has programmed some neat trickery into the launch control system to monitor for wheels slip and wheel hop, and mitigate it. Hopefully that leads to more traction more of the time.

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