Ram is producing a competitor to Ford’s Raptor by 2022

Ram Rebel TRX Concept

Ram showed off an awesome concept at the 2016 State Fair of Texas. It was a Ram Rebel beefed up with a supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 straight from the Dodge Hellcat. Due to the protections needed for an off-road truck, the engine only mustered 575 horsepower, but it sounded like Satan itself returning to Earth to burn it all down.

It’s also 125 more horsepower than Ford’s Raptor. Which is… a lot.

But there were no plans to put it into production. It was another effort from another manufacturer to show what they could do if they could be bothered to chase after the Raptor. Whether you wanted to call it a “concept” or a “design study,” the fact remained that it was going to remain a one-off.

At FCA’s recent “Capital Markets Day,” Ram debuted a few things that were in the pipeline. In addition to a new midsize truck, they also talked about how successful the Raptor is in average transaction price and number of units sold.

Raptor Stats
Source: FCA

This slide demonstrates that FCA is aware of how well the Ford Raptor does. While it’s not a “no-brainer” to go after the Raptor, there’s a lot of money in Raptor sales.

Source: FCA

That’s right, folks. Ram is confirming that they are putting the TRX into production! Internally, the truck has been called “T-Rex,” which makes sense if you are hunting another dinosaur-named pickup truck for off-road supremacy.

Details are, of course, scant, but it’ll likely be based on the new truck and not the old generation like the concept. Hopefully it retains the supercharged V8 that’ll make it sound incredible out on the dunes.

We also hope the production-version retains the ridiculousness of the concept version. We want the extra-big tires. We want the two spare tires in the bed. We want toggles and stuff in the interior. We want outrageous colors.

Being FCA, that might just happen. We now have a big reason to be excited for 2022. The Raptor is an amazing truck. It’ll be tough for Ram to out perform them, but we love competition and this truck will surely be that.

2016 Ram Rebel TRX Concept photos

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