Redditor Creates Racing Simulation for Parents and Brings the Feels


Parents are often willing to make serious sacrifices to ensure that their children are successful in life. In the case of Hooyaah on Reddit, that meant selling their Spec Racer Ford to put money in the child’s education fund. According to Hooyah, they miss the car every day and he wanted to make sure he did something nice for them.

Allow Hooyah to explain;

Both my mom and dad growing up were race car drivers with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) racing a Spec Racer Ford, and a Formula Vee. The Spec Racer Ford is simulated in iRacing, as with the 3 major tracks they raced at (Homestead, Sebring, Daytona). They sold the race car when I was in 9th grade to afford my college fund. They miss racing almost daily, but don’t have the funds or the physical strength to get behind an open wheel race car again.

We live in technologically-advanced times, and that means Hooyah could do something for them to allow them to experience the thrill of racing again, even if they aren’t capable of doing it anymore. He set up a virtual reality simulator for them and loaded iRacing.

To say they were thrilled was an understatement. I’m pretty sure someone is cutting an onion in here. I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

It turns out that Hooyaah didn’t need the money for college and is going to use those funds to purchase his parents a Spec Miata racer. While he doesn’t think they’ll race competitively again, he hopes that they can go out for some track days.

To see the photos of the reaction and get more back story, check it out over on Reddit. Good on ya, Hooyaah. Good on ya.

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