I Ride A Motorcycle Daily: 6 Things I Wish People Knew


What If It’s Hot/Cold/Typhoon/Sasquatch Weather?

If it’s hot, I wear a mankini. You should see the looks I get in traffic. Just kidding. That would be a terrible idea. Mainly because I’m not really into mixing pain with my pleasure, and having my buns scorched in summer.

I’m actually a strong advocate for wearing full gear as much as possible. In typical Dallas†summer weather, I†wear an Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket, which breathes really well, except for the lower part of the arms which are not mesh. My main helmet is a Icon Alliance Dark which will soon be replaced with the Icon Airmada for better airflow. The Alliance is a big step up from my previous Joe Rocket and Speed & Strength helmets, despite them being the same price range. Kudos to Wes Siler for suggesting it. I wear my Sidi On-Road boots and usually regular jeans. If I’m out for a fun ride, I’ll throw on some mesh motorcycle pants. There nothing quite like having the wind in your trousers.

If it’s cold I still ride. My record is 28∞F on a ride to work with clear roads, and no precipitation†or snow. For you metric folks that’s literally, “freezing my derriere weather.” I just wear my Triumph leather moto jacket with liner, or my Icon Device Jacket. I put Dainese glove liners in my Rs Taichi RST408 gloves to keep my hands warm, or wear a crappy pair of Speed & Strength winter gloves I have, but rarely use. I also have thick Bull-It motorcyle jeans with kevlar in them. I do own a pair of Fieldsheer motorcycle pants that are very warm, but make me look like I’m catching for the Texas Rangers. They rarely get worn.

If we get snow or ice, which happens a couple of times a year, I can work from home, bum a ride with a coworker, or ride the train. If a typhoon or a Yeti is on the loose, I stay inside, make s’mores and sing Kumbaya until it passes.