I Ride A Motorcycle Daily: 6 Things I Wish People Knew


What Do You Wear To Work?

I work for a Dallas marketing agency for my regular job, and ride the bike to the office and do creative swearing in traffic, just like everyone else. I normally wear moto boots, regular jeans, a button-down shirt, and then my moto jacket, helmet, and gloves. Despite the Mad Men idea everyone has, we dress pretty casually, unless we have client meetings. If I have client meetings, I’ll throw on my Cole Haan dress boots and my Ted Baker jacket in an attempt to appear professional.

So no, I don’t†appear like a slovenly hobo for work, and dress like a professional. I sometimes sacrifice the motojacket and boots, for more work-appropriate items, despite this giving me less protection. Its†like a one man Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.