I Ride A Motorcycle Daily: 6 Things I Wish People Knew


Parking Issues Begone!

“You’re a parking wizard, Harry.”

Living in Dallas-Ft.Worth, with an area population upwards of 10 million people, parking is an issue if you’re driving a car. With a bike, it’s fantastic. I can park the bike in places that cars won’t fit. This includes those†half-spaces where someone†parked their vehicle way over the line and you’d have to shoehorn a Miata in there. A motorbike takes that space perfectly. We also have motorcycle specific parking in places, can park on sidewalks, and get charged less when we have to pay to park. It’s like unlocking a cheat code for big city parking. There’s been more than once that I went to an event with the girlfriend and we took her car and I wished that we took the bike instead.