Scion iQ Review

Scion is the maker of funky little cars designed to appeal to a younger generation. Since they first started, they’ve released a slew of different vehicles, including an awesome rear-wheel drive sports car. But what if you live in the city and you just need something to get you around town? Well, allow me to introduce you to the smallest Scion, the iQ.

Before you completely disregard this small little runabout, it’s actually quite the intelligent little car. The design and engineering of the car make it so it maximizes every bit of space possible. That means there’s actually a decent amount of room for the two front passengers in the car.

Powering the iQ is a tiny 3-cylinder engine, but with a car this small and light, that means you don’t need a lot of grunt to push it around. Obviously, it’s best suited for the stop and go traffic in the city; you won’t be winning and drag races. But if you needed to get on the highway, as long as you did a tiny bit of planning ahead with your merges you should be just fine.

Another benefit to the small engine and lightweight body is the fuel economy. While the tank itself is small, you get great fuel economy.

Where it’ll really suffer is overall storage. Yes, you’ll have some room for a few groceries, but don’t expect to make a Home Depot run in one of these cars. Even some big dogs might not be the most comfortable inside an iQ.

But that’s all okay, because if you want something that’s easy to park, is super-reliable, gets great fuel economy, and doesn’t cost and arm-and-a-leg to buy or own, the Scion iQ just might be the small city runabout just for you!

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