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We were on the BestRide podcast!


While we have our own podcast that we produce weekly here at Future Motoring, sometimes others are brave enough to ask us on to be a guest of their show. This week’s victim — erm host — is Craig Fitzgerald and the BestRide podcast! Craig was on our vehicle of …

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Happy Independence Day, America!


We’re off today here in the United States to celebrate Independence Day, or the 4th of July, or whatever the British call the day they lost the U.S. as a colony. To help celebrate, we are sharing with you a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat burnout we performed when we had …

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Top 5 Future Motoring podcasts


Due to some travel obligations and scheduling, there’s no new episode of the Future Motoring podcast this week. Instead, we thought we’d compile the top five most-listened to episodes of the podcast. If you’re a long-time listener — thank you — you can use this list to see which ones …

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We were on the Crank Journal podcast!


Recently, I had the opportunity to join Michael Block on his Crank Journal podcast. We talked about a variety of topics, messed up some segues, and used the term “poo poo” more than either of us probably would have liked! In addition, we talk about people who break Subarus and …

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Top 5 Posts for January 2017


It’s February 1st! The year seems be going by pretty quickly as we’re already 1/12th of the way through. Last month was a good month here on Future Motoring, and here’s the top 5 stories you, the reader, were most interested in. 5. What Happens if You Press the Ignition Button …

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Future Motoring Podcast Seeing Double in 2017!


Thanks to the outpouring of support for the new podcast, along with a desire to provide more in-depth coverage on automotive issues big and small, we’re expanding the show to two dedicated episodes a week! Starting next week, we’ll have new shows on both Tuesday and Thursday! If there is …

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