Small SUVs and crossovers dominate in the midwest

2017 Honda CR-V

We all know that Americans are crossover crazy. As the market starts to cool down a bit, people are still flocking to the high-riders faster than they are for cars, and automakers are quick to offer various vehicles in all different sizes.

The small crossover or SUV category is the one that’s been the darling of the automotive industry for a little while. Vehicles like the Rogue Sport or the CR-V appeal to people who want to have a car-like ride with extra ride height and some extra versatility.

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But where are these small vehicles selling the best? The midwest.

According to a study from Carjojo, the midwest has the largest percentage of market share in the small SUV and crossover segment. That’s not terribly surprising to this author, who lives in the midwest, because not only do we have all the seasons here but there is a lot of farmland where vehicles might be tasked to leave the tarmac.

Small SUV Market Share by Region

Region Small SUV Sales July ’16 – June ’17 All Vehicle Sales July ’16 – June ’17 Small SUV Market Share
Midwest 418,114 2,879,556 14.52%
North East 357,225 2,987,147 11.96%
South 507,985 5,104,055 9.95%
West 271,168 3,074,228 8.82%

The northeast also makes sense due to snow. While you don’t need a crossover to handle winter anywhere in this country — just buy snow tires in most cases — people prefer the extra security of an all-wheel drive crossover or SUV.

So if you live in Iowa and think, “there’s a lot of crossovers roaming around,” you’re probably right. But if you live in the west and are looking to buy, you might be able to score a better deal due to lower sales volume.

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