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Photo of the Day: Rotary Goodness


Two of the finest one-piston machines I have ever seen. Pictured is an Rx-3, and RX-7; a little mid-70’s cool matched with late 90’s sport. Japan has been keeping the style and performance of small engine vehicles going consistently for quite some time. Owner: Phil Sohn

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Photo of the Day: 1969 Datsun 510

1969 Datsun 510

When owner, Gabe González, got this sweet ’69 Datsun 510 two years ago, it looked a little rough around the edges. The Datsun had missing paint all over, rust spots, a transmission that needed rebuilt, and so on. Today, his project car is sitting pretty, and cruising the pavement of …

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Best Racing Games – January 2017

Best Racing Games

Forza Horizon 3 – Best Racing Game Overall The games in the Forza Horizon series haven’t always lived up to the reputation of the Forza Motorsports series of games. That’s not without good reason. However, Forza Horizon 3 has moved the bar forward for racing games, especially on the Xbox …

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Photo of the Day: One Fast Golf

Straight out of the UK, comes this sweet MK4 (VW Golf). With a plethora…

Straight out of the UK, comes this sweet MK4 (VW Golf). With a plethora of mods, the biggest was the heart transplant, which is precisely why current owner, Brendan Jones, purchased it. Its stock 3.2L engine was swapped out, and in went a 3.6L R36 Passat engine with a Precision …

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Photo of the Day: #Muricah #Raptoring


A symbol of America’s free spirit, trucks are truly an iconic vehicle of our country, and the Ford Raptor stands out amongst them all. Tough and quick, the Raptor pictured, though stock, has impressive numbers. Off the line, this truck comes with 411 horsepower and a whopping 434lb. ft. of torque… …

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