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Photo of the Day: Gold Rushing Porsches

79- GoldRush Rally Road Trip

Almost like Cars the movie characters but beefed up, and in real life. These Porsches are pictures representing at the GoldRush Rally car show this past weekend, prior to taking off for a week long road trip!  Stay tuned for the inside scoop-o-photos. A friend of mine, Eddie Fuentes, is …

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Photo of the Day: Subie Subie Doo

Subaru WRX

Pure, AWD fun. This WRX is the perfect all year ’round vehicle. Sporty for summer and always ready for some drift sessions in the snow… this Subaru has a full catless Invidia N1 exhaust, turbo & atmospherical BOV, and a COBB SF intake with a COBB V3 access port. Additionally, …

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Photo of the Day: Blending In

77- Blending In

Do you ever want to soar above your capabilities? Do you ever want to hang with the cool crowd in hopes of the coolness rubbing off on your not-so-cool self?  That’s what this Impala did. Knowing he was just a sedan, he pushed his limits and went for it. He …

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Photo of the Day: The iconic 911


Founded 86 years ago in the early 1930’s, and hasn’t skipped a beat since– Porsche has always been a favorite of mine. When I think best-of-the-best, prestigious, and performance, I do not think Ferrari or any exotic brands. I think Porsche. I feel as though they effortlessly remain number one.  …

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Photo of the Day: Lord Vader’s RS6


If you live in the right area, you can do this. Though, I couldn’t imagine having a slammed vehicle in a state of many terrains (and pot holes…) This murdered out, wide body RS6 is MEAN. Owner, unknown. May just have a mind of it’s own and belong to itself? …

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Photo of the Day: Green with Envy

Green Charger and Challenger

One of the coolest pictures I have ever seen. I absolutely love the two Green Go Mopars against the sunset. Dennis Cas, owner of the 2017 Daytona Charger, took this photo on the waters of New Jersey. These eye catching, powerful beasts surely stand out anywhere they go. Breaking necks …

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Photo of the Day: Swedish Speed


Fun, responsive, and eye-catching, you’re looking at a 2008 Volvo S40 T5. To translate, that means this vehicle came with a Turbocharged 5 cylinder motor which puts out close to 230 HP, and, is one of my favorite features– AWD. Owner, Zach Wilkens, purchased this Volvo just a few months …

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