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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day: 30 Years Young


The first M3 and the latest M3 side-by-side. E30s are like a fine wine: always tasteful and beyond elegant, with just a hint of magic. The F35s are as sleek and performance oriented as they appear, and then some. Talk about two cars I’d like to take on the Autobahn! …

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Photo of the Day: Sleek Stang


Pictured is a 2017 Mustang GT in Lightning Blue with the added performance package. This package includes a Tremec 6speed manual transmission, upgraded sway bars, 3:73 Torsen rear end (from the base 3.31), six piston calipers up front, and more. Owner, Austin Goble, went a step further and added a …

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Photo of the Day: Yes, Another Jeep

107- Back to Back Jeeps

I was asked by a mom “How much do you like your Jeep? My 16 year old daughter really wants one.” Naturally, I told her how great I feel this vehicle truly is. I told her how it’s “lifted on big tires” (2.5″ lift and 35″ Toyos) and still handles …

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Photo of the Day: Riptide Rush

106- Riptide Rush

Meet Riptide Rush, owned by Brian Cerrone. What you are looking at is a color shift vinyl wrapped Jeep with all chrome deleted. This SRT-8 Grand Cherokee is not only beautiful on the outside, but under the hood houses a supercharger as well. Additional mods include Bwoodys sway bars, Borla …

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Photo of the Day: Datsun Scarab


Take a peak at this 1972 Datsun Scarab. “Scarab” is the Egyptian meaning for longevity and rebirth, which is what the this conversion was to the 240z. A fresh look, and one to be remembered. This sighting was at the Cars and Coffee in Arcola, VA. If you’re a fan, …

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Photo of the Day: #WEKFEST


A couple weekends ago WEKFEST was held in New Jersey. With their events being held in locations like Japan, Honolulu, and Long Beach… NJ seems a bit out of place. That didn’t stop it from being an amazing event with great vendors, unique builds, and tons of passion. Their annual …

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Photo of the Day: Low Po-Po

102- Low Po-Po

It would be a sight to see if all the cops rolled around in this style. Coolest auctioned off Crown Vic I’ve ever seen. Mainly because all the ones I have previously seen were 1. beat 2. beat or 3. beat, so the competition is rather slim. Either way, I …

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