Don’t Strip Your Diesel Volkswagen, But I Understand the Desire To

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A judge warned people that they better not strip their diesel Volkswagens. People were doing that before turning them in for the buyback.

Yes, you shouldn’t strip your car before turning it in. It’s in bad faith, and I’m not surprised at the judge’s decision.

Having said that, what did Volkswagen think customers would do?


If you listen to a recent episode of the podcast, Christian Moe talks about the offer he received for his car. He then weighs the replacement options.

He’s not happy with Volkswagen. Diesel owners aren’t happy with Volkswagen. This was more than a slight. It was deliberate and malicious, and the victims aren’t happy.

In the United States, Volkswagen isn’t mainstream like in Germany and the rest of Europe. Buyers of Volkswagens are loyal and drawn to the brand here.

Diesel car buyers are even more a special breed. They bought diesel Volkswagens for the fuel efficiency, sure. Environmental responsibility was another reason.

Prius buyers in the beginning had similar motivations. Buying a clean diesel meant saving money and the earth. They felt like they were saving the planet. They felt like the knew something others didn’t and that diesel would catch on.

As it turns out, they didn’t know what was going on because Volkswagen lied to them. They lied about the emissions coming from the vehicle. They developed software to cheat emissions testing.

Owners are lovers scorned. Their vehicles are now worthless. Volkswagen has bungled the buyback process.

Volkswagen Shouldn’t Act Surprised

I’m not at all surprised that people are stripping cars so they can stick it to Volkswagen.

No, they shouldn’t be doing it. Now it seems they won’t be able to unless they want to violate the agreement. That’s fine. That’s fair.

But it’s something Volkswagen should’ve expected.

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