Tesla Model 3 May Not Be the Bargain Advertised


One of the most anticipated Tesla cars is nearing production. Slated to start, supposedly, on July 1st, Tesla has a lot riding on the affordable Model 3. Demand for the vehicle was ravenous, with an estimated 400,000 preorders being submitted.

Though Tesla is silent on the official numbers, sales reports give us a good idea on the number. Popularity of the latest Tesla is in part due to its price. Tesla’s Model S and X vehicles weigh in at over $120,000 US equipped, putting them well out of reach of the average automobile buyer. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, has touted a much lower purchase price for the Model 3. Entry level costs were pegged at $35,000 US.

YouTuber Shots of Jamison has speculated that the Model 3 may wind up costing buyers as much as $75,000. He uses the same option pricing currently available on the Model S. Full-spec adds another whopping $97,000 US to the base price of $70,500 Model S. By combining the two, it suggests a final list of $132,000 on the Model 3. No real bargain. It’s a safe assumption that Tesla will not price the options on the Model 3 at the same level of the Model S. But, if the options of the Model 3 are 25% less than the Model S, than final sticker price could hit $75,000. This all assumes that the Model 3 does, in fact, list for $35,000 base.

Owners who are after many of the features touted by the company, like AutoPilot, dual motors, Ludicrous mode, high capacity batter and quick charge, could find themselves on the hook for more than twice the base price.

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