Tesla Model S Review


While electric cars existed before the Tesla Model S, they weren’t as widely recognized as they are now that there are thousands of the Model S sedans out on the streets. They require no gasoline to run, they have a luxury interior with the latest technology, and they go like stink. Our electric vehicle future looks promising.

The Tesla Model S is available in a few different performance and engine options. The Tesla can also be had in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The fastest of the bunch, the P85 D, is faster in a drag race than a BMW M5 and still has over 250 miles of range.

All Tesla Model S models are capable of getting you back and forth to work on a single charge. For the longer trips, Tesla has built completely free Supercharger stations across the country. These chargers can replenish your car in approximately 30 minutes, and allow you to literally go from coast to coast without having to pay anything for fuel or electricity.

That’s the real benefit of the Tesla; the availability of free charging. It used to be quite scarce, but new Supercharging stations are popping up everywhere to make it easy for a Tesla Model S driver to top off. If you do run out of juice somewhere, you can use a standard wall plug to recharge the car.

Tesla makes a lot of news with their vehicles, but they act and look like normal cars. The interiors are plush. There’s a huge touchscreen navigation and infotainment screen. The car has blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control on the newer models. It’s everything you’d reasonably want in a luxury car that also runs entirely off the power grid.

And, if you get the P85D, you get Ludicrous mode to go from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. That’s faster than most cars on the road. All while running on electricity. Imagine that!?

Chad Kirchner
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