The Chevy Focus Group Evaluates the Lego Batmobile

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You all know the commercials. A bunch of “Real People, Not Actors” join a host of a focus group to talk about something relating to a Chevrolet automobile. It might be shoving a toolbox into the back of a truck, it might be letting a bear loose on the people, it might be a woman talking about the Cruze’s “business in the front, party in the back” mullet lifestyle.

Some are quite funny; some aren’t.

To help promote The Lego Batman Movie, Chevrolet helped Lego Batman get an all-new ride. The car itself is at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, but before it went there, Chevrolet had to focus group it for a commercial.

All of the characters, including the host of the commercial, are computer-generated Lego minifigs — just like in the movie. But just like in the commercials, the focus group is a bit harsh on poor Batman’s ride.

This commercial falls into the win category quite easily. It’s funny and cute and as long as they don’t air it a gajillion times on television it’ll stay that way.

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