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The new Vantage’s “polarizing” looks are important


Yesterday, Aston Martin debuted their new Vantage. It’s powered by the same Mercedes-AMG V8 that is in the DB11 V8, but in a car that weighs several hundred pounds less. Also, it’s quite a stunning car to look at. Online, opinions have been mixed. We think that’s a good thing.

Personally, we’re fans of the new car. The rear looks incredible. The front looks like the DB10 from Spectre, and there’s a good reason for that. But one thing it doesn’t look like is the DB11.

It’s clear now that while Aston’s second-century cars will share similarities, they’re going to look like separate cars. From the front of the old Vantage, it was difficult at times to differentiate the Vantage from the DB9. The new Vantage doesn’t look like the DB11.

Also, it’s nice to see an Aston with crazy styling. Aston’s are known to be beautiful, but to see one that is a bit bold and a bit brash fits the character of the Vantage and keeps the car interesting. Maybe the looks won’t be universally loved, but kudos to Aston for making a car that might not be loved by all. It keeps the brand interesting.

Chad Kirchner
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