The Nissan Titan has one of the most useful off-road functions built in

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Taking your vehicle off-road can be both fun and time-consuming. When you go to a place like the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in western Michigan, you have to do a few things before you’re allowed out on the sand.

One of those things is airing down your tires. Per park rules, the max PSI your tires are allowed to have is 18. Airing down is easy, especially if you have these slick air down valve stem deflators. However, there’s no really quick and efficient way to air back up when you’re done.

Or is there?

After a day of wheeling on the dunes with a 2017 Nissan Titan PRO-4X pickup, we were at the air station pumping air back in. We had a gauge in hand so we can check periodically how close we are to the recommended tire pressure.

Suddenly, we hear a chirp from the horn. That’s right, like almost all Nissan products the Titan has Easy-Fill Tire Alert. We double-checked to verify the pressure was where it needed to be, and sure enough, it was.

We figure on this one trip out that it saved us about five minutes for all four wheels. While not a lot of time, if you hit the dunes (or your favorite off-road park) six times a year that is a half hour saved.

While Nissan might not be the first name you think of in off-road technology, this feature that makes sense on their consumer cars turns out to be a real time saver for the off-road enthusiast, too.

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