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How autonomous cars will change driving


There have been a rash of developments for driver-less cars, also known as autonomous cars. Recently, Tesla introduced many owners to a gimmicky feature called “summon”. They’ve also equipped many of their vehicles with “auto-pilot”, though if YouTube is to be believed, there is much work to be done. Ford and Google have signed …

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2018 Subaru Legacy is the car you forgot to like

2018 Subaru Legacy_9

Is there a better priced, better-equipped all-wheel drive car on the market? No. The Subaru Legacy is a car that exudes confidence when in difficult driving conditions while giving drivers and passengers enough of what they need to justify a test drive. The Legacy got a refresh for 2018 including …

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Honda Ridgeline: The ultimate urbanite pickup truck


Many an argument has been had over the topic of what makes the ultimate pickup truck. There’s brand loyalty, there’s the purpose they serve. People fight over torque numbers, engine displacements, cylinder sizes and towing capacity. What is clear, however, is there isn’t a clearly defined set of things that …

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Commentary: Elon Musk and the future

Rocket flies for the second time, now from launch complex 39A

Over the past week or so, Tesla has made news because of some production delays regarding the rollout of the Model 3 compact sedan. Elon Musk stated that they’re in “production Hell” and that they were going to postpone the announcement of the Tesla Semi in order to work on …

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A Honda family Odyssey


There are two things that are synonymous with Summer in the Great White North: Road trips to the cottage and construction. We have many traditions around each of them, and both clog our highways with mind numbingly bad traffic. One of the traditions among many cottagers is the seasonal closing. …

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